Kevin Reay : Head of Early Primary

Kevin Reay

Head of Early Primary

Nationality: British

Qualifications: BA Hons PGCE, Early Years, Northumbria University, Newcastle, England (2005)

Previous Teaching Experience: Kevin began his career as a primary teacher in Gateshead (UK) where he taught Reception for two years and Year 1 for one year before teaching in Shanghai, China for two years. In Shanghai he worked as a Year 1 and Year 3 class teacher. He then moved back to the UK and taught Years 2 and 5. Kevin taught Year 2 at the ABC International School for two years before he joined the Senior Management Team. He has also coordinated a range of subjects including ICT, PE and Humanities.

Present Responsibilities: Apart from his role as Head of Early Primary, Kevin is also the Senior Management Team member of the House Aspects Group.


Lorna Ballantyne : Year 1 Teacher

Lorna Ballantyne

Year 1 Teacher

Nationality: : British

Qualification: BEd (Hons) Primary Education, University of Edinburgh (Scotland, UK)

Previous teaching Experience: : Lorna has 2 years teaching experience. After completing her degree, she moved to work in a rural primary school in Aberdeenshire (UK) where she taught in the early years. She worked there for a year before moving to Vietnam to teach English as a second language to young learners. She is eager to support parents and children through what is often their first experience of the classroom environment. Lorna has taught in Vietnam for a year and is excited to be a member of the ABCIS team.

Present responsibilities: :Lorna is a member of the House Teams Aspects Group and is running an Arts and Crafts extracurricular activity.

Email: lornaballantyne

Caitlin Brookes : 3/4 EIP Teacher

Caitlin Brookes

3/4 EIP Teacher

Nationality: : British

Qualifications:  BA (Hons) Combined Studies (Literary Studies and Classics), University of Manchester; PGCE in Primary Education (Manchester Metropolitan University)

Previous teaching experience: Caitlin has been a primary school teacher for 17 years. After qualifying, she worked at a primary school in Manchester for 7 years, teaching across Key Stage 2 where she was coordinator of Geography. Prior to moving to Vietnam, Caitlin spent 10 years at a European School in Southern Germany, where she was seconded by the UK Department for Education to work as a Primary School Teacher. Her responsibilities included being coordinator of the Anglophone Section.


Narsisa Chamelo : Primary PE Teacher

Narsisa Chamelo

Primary PE Teacher

Nationality: : Greek

Qualification: MSc Health Promotion, King's College London, UK BA (Hons) Physical Education QTS, De Montfort University, UK

Previous teaching Experience: Narsisa taught for 5 years at Queen's Gate School, an independent all-girls school in South Kensington, London. She then moved to Qatar and taught at Sherborne Qatar School for 2 years. Narsisa is an enthusiastic teacher who is keen to develop a positive attitude towards Physical Education. Her aim is to promote healthy and active lifestyles and to allow all children to shine in activities in and outside of the classroom.

Present responsibilities: Narsisa is a member of the House Aspects Group and is running Football, Basketball and Fitness Extra-Curricular activities.

Email: narsisachamelo

Sophia Chendoh : Reception Teacher

Sophia Chendoh

Reception Teacher

Nationality: British

Qualification: PGCE with SEN in Primary Education, University of East London, England

Previous teaching Experience: Sophia began her teaching career in a Primary School in London where she taught Year 4 and Reception. Sophia’s previous school was multi-cultural and she taught many EAL children. She has now moved to Vietnam to progress her teaching career. Sophia’s aim is to ensure that young children get the best start in life and become confident learners.

Tracey Garbarino : School Librarian

Tracey Garbarino

School Librarian

Nationality: British

Qualifications: BA (Hons) English and European Studies, Edge Hill University, Lancashire, UK.

Previous Experience:  Tracey has 13 years experience as a Secondary School Librarian in the North of England. She is also the school’s Literacy Coordinator which includes activities like; organising reading promotional days, teaching students who require literacy intervention, running a journalists club, a book club and a comic creator’s club as extra-curricular activities. She has also been involved with residential trips run by the History Department.

Present Responsibilities: Tracey currently runs a Fiction Addiction ECA for secondary students and provides support for EAL and EIP students.


Hong Gao : EYEP/ Primary Mandarin

Hong Gao

EYEP/ Primary Mandarin

Nationality: Chinese

Qualification: Master Degree of Education (The College of New Jersey, USA). Montessori Teaching Certificate. Teacher Qualification Certification (China) .

Previous Teaching Experience:  Hong has 6 years of teaching experience in international schools. This is her fourth year in ABC international school, and she is running a drawing club.

Present Responsibilities:  She is a member of the Green Team Aspects Group and is also running a drawing club in KS1.


Keith Gosling : Year 2 Teacher &  Primary Computing Coordinator     

Keith Gosling

Year 2 Teacher & Primary Computing Coordinator     

Nationality:  British

Qualifications: BSc Product Design, University of Central Lancashire. PGCE Primary, University of Leeds.

Previous Teaching Experience:   Keith began his career teaching English in Japan. After completing two years he returned to the UK to gain experience in English schools before successfully completing a Primary PGCE. Since then, Keith worked for 2 years in Hertfordshire, England followed by 2 years at a British school in Cairo. Some of the responsibilities that Keith has had in this time include Year Group Leader and Key Stage 2 Coordinator. Keith has 9 years teaching experience and has worked at The ABCIS for the last 5 years in Year 6, Year 4 and Year 2.

Present Responsibilities: Keith is the Primary Computing Coordinator and runs a Hockey Skills ECA. He is an active member of the ABCIS’ Future Directions Aspects Group.


Kristen Hughes : Year 1 Teacher

Kristen Hughes

Year 1 Teacher

Nationality: : British / Australian

Qualification: BA (English), Curtin University, Perth (Australia); PGCE (Primary) University of Northumbria (U.K); MA (English) University of Northumbria, (U.K)

Previous teaching Experience: Kristen has been teaching for 18 years and has taught in both Key Stage 1 and 2. She taught in the North-East of England for 14 years, starting her career in Year 4. She then worked in Year 6 for a number of years before starting her Key Stage 1 teaching experience. In 2014 she relocated to Brunei where she worked as a Primary English teacher in Reception and Year 1. Kristen has coordinated many subject areas in her career but is particularly passionate about English and the Arts. This is her first year as a Year 1 teacher at the ABCIS.

Ursula Inta : Year 1 Teacher/ Head of Year1

Ursula Inta

Year 1 Teacher/ Head of Year1

Nationality:  New Zealander

Qualifications: BEd Primary Education, Auckland University, New Zealand

Previous Teaching Experience:  Ursula has 5 years teaching experience in Primary across Key Stage 1 and 2. She began her teaching career in New Zealand teaching Year 8 (IB Curriculum) for 3 years and then spent a year teaching Key Stage 1 (Year 2) in a British International School in Bahrain. This is her second year as a Year 1 teacher at the ABCIS.

Present Responsibilities:  Year 1 Teacher/ Head of Year1


Melanie McLardie : Head of EAL and EIP

Melanie McLardie

Head of EAL and EIP

Nationality: British

Qualifications: B.Ed (Hons) Liverpool University (1998)

Previous Teaching Experience: Melanie joined The ABCIS in 2008 after working in North-Western England and Moscow, Russia. Her 18 years teaching experience have seen her work throughout the Early Years and Primary, both as a teacher and leader. These roles have included leading the teaching of English across the Primary School and the role of Special Educational Needs leader. This year Mel will be running Cross Stitch Club for Years 4 and 5. She is also a member of the House Aspects Group.

Present Responsibilities:  Mel is the Primary Literacy Coordinator. This year she will be running a Water Confidence Club for Year 3 and 4. She is also a member of the Curriculum Development Aspects Group.


Melanie Percival : Year 1 Teacher

Melanie Percival

Year 1 Teacher

Nationality: : British / Australian

Qualification: Bachelor of Education, Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, Australia. BA (Hons) Sport and Leisure Management, University of Wales, Trinity Saint David, Swansea, Wales, U.K.

Previous teaching Experience: Melanie is a passionate and experienced teacher who has been a primary teacher for 18 years teaching both KS1 and KS2. Melanie has worked in a range of educational settings, both public to private. She spent 12 years working in a small primary school on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland before working in an International school in Bali, Indonesia teaching KS2. She returned to Wales in 2013 where she worked in Junior Primary. Melanie has held the positions of Literacy Coach, ICT Coach and P.E. Coordinator. She loves the Arts and has directed several school musicals.

Present responsibilities:This term Melanie will be organising the Swim and Splash ECA on a Wednesday afternoon at the SS2 Campus and will be part of the Sharing Good Practice Aspects Group.


Ronald Saw : Music Teacher

Ronald Saw

Music Teacher

Nationality:  New Zealander

Qualifications: Bachelor of Education (Primary Education), University of Auckland, New Zealand.

Previous Teaching Experience: Ronald is a qualified teacher with 11 years’ experience teaching Music in New Zealand, Bahrain and The United Kingdom. He has a passion for music and has had experience teaching successful rock bands, Jazz/Funk bands, choirs, and percussion groups as well as putting together musical productions. His interest in music extends well beyond his professional life as he has been part of rock bands and covers groups performing the local circuit.

Present Responsibility: Ronald is part of the ‘House’ Aspects Group.


Keeley Smith : Year 2 Teacher &  Primary Science Coordinator 

Keeley Smith

Year 2 Teacher & Primary Science Coordinator 

Nationality: British

Qualifications: BA QTS Geography (Hons) Southampton, UK

Previous Teaching Experience: Keeley has 16 years teaching experience in the UK. She has held responsibilities of leading mixed age range year groups and coordinating assessment. She has managed Science, PE and organised whole school outdoor learning activities, including residential trips.

Present Responsibilities: Keeley is now teaching her fourth year at The ABC International School. Alongside teaching in Year 2, Keeley is the Science coordinator for Key Stages 1 and 2. Additionally, she runs an exciting Science Film Club as part of the ECA programme, which is designed to promote scientific understanding. Keeley is also a member of the Aspects and Vision Aspects Group and the ABCIS Social Committee.


Paola Triana : Year 1 Teacher

Paola Triana

Year 1 Teacher


Qualifications: B.A. Law, Universidad la Gran Colombia, Bogota, Colombia; M.A. Environmental Law, Colegio Mayor Nuestra Señora del Rosario, Bogota, Colombia; PGCEi, University of Nottingham, UK

Previous teaching experience: After a successful career as a lawyer, Paola left Colombia in order to pursue her interest in teaching. She has taught English and Spanish to both young learners and adults, as well as lecturing in law to undergraduates. She is passionate about helping learners of all abilities.

Present Responsibilities:Paola is currently teaching English as an Additional language in Years 1 and 2


Robert West : PE Teacher/ Primary House Coordinator

Robert West

PE Teacher/ Primary House Coordinator

Nationality: British

Qualifications:  B.A. (Hons) Sports Development and Coaching, Northumbria University, UK. PGCE Primary Teaching, Institute of Education, London, UK.

Previous Teaching Experience: Robert has several years of teaching experience. He was the Head of PE at Livingston American School, Shanghai. He developed the whole school PE curriculum and was responsible for all Primary and Middle School Athletics, as well as creating and implementing the House System. Robert has coached a number of different sports including football, volleyball, basketball and athletics, and has previously worked as Aquatic Director at Shanghai Rego International School. He is a keen triathlete and football player, and is passionate about promoting sports and healthy lifestyles

Present Responsibilities: This year Robert will be teaching PE and Swimming from Reception class up to Year 7. He is responsible for the Reception and Key Stage 1 PE curriculum as well as developing the whole school swimming scheme. He is the coach of the U11's Boys Basketball team as well as coaching both the Primary and Secondary School Swimming Teams. Robert is also the Primary House Coordinator and chair of the House Aspects Group.


Meagan Wilson : Year 2 Teacher

Meagan Wilson

Year 2 Teacher

Nationality: : Canadian

Qualifications:  BA (Hons) History and Political Science, Saint Francis Xavier University, Canada; PGCE Primary with Humanities Specialism, University of Exeter, England

Previous teaching experience: Meagan has been a Primary teacher for 15 years and, most recently, has taught Year 2 and Year 3 in Bratislava, Slovakia before beginning maternity leave with her son, Samuel. She has had extensive experience teaching both Key Stages 1 and 2 in British International Schools in Bangkok, Moscow and San Jose (Costa Rica) and has led a range of subject areas including Literacy, Mathematics, Humanities and Student Voice. Meagan also spent 2 years in the UK and taught Year 5 before moving to Russia where she met her husband, Tony, who is also a member of the ABCIS teaching team.