Christopher Carr : Head of Upper Primary

Christopher Carr

Head of Upper Primary

Nationality: Irish

Qualification: BSc Management & Information Systems, Queens University Belfast (2004), PGCE Primary Education, Liverpool Hope University (2007)

Previous Teaching Experience:  Chris has 10 years teaching experience, beginning in the UK and then at the British International School of Moscow, before joining The ABC International School in 2009. He has taught across both Primary Key Stages, and was previously the Head of Year 4 before taking up his current position.

Present Responsibilities:In addition to his role as the Head of Upper Primary (Key Stage 2), Chris also oversees the curriculum development for the Primary core areas, working with Subject Coordinators and Heads of Year. Chris is also the Senior Management Team member of the Sharing Good Practice Group. Within Key Stage 2, Chris is involved with various Football ECAs.


Alison Nall : Year 3 Teacher/ Head of Year 3

Alison Nall

Year 3 Teacher/ Head of Year 3

Nationality: British 

Qualifications: B.A (Hons) Marine Geography, Cardiff University, UK. MSc Marine Environmental Protection, Bangor University, PGCE Primary Teaching (ages 5-11), Oxford Brooke's University, UK.

Previous Teaching Experience:  Ali has 11 years teaching experience. She taught in primary schools in the UK for nine years with teaching experience across both Key Stages 1 and 2. She has held various roles and responsibilities including those of Science, Eco-Schools, PE and Healthy Schools Coordinator as well as a Key Stage 1 Team Leader.

Present Responsibilities:Ali is Head of Year 3 and a Year 3 teacher. She runs a Board Games ECA for students in Key Stage 2. Ms Ali is a member of the Green Aspects Group.


Heather Buckley : Year 3 Teacher & Primary English Coordinator

Heather Buckley

Year 3 Teacher & Primary English Coordinator

Nationality: : British

Qualifications: BA Hons (1st Class) Classical and Archaeological Studies and Comparative Literature (University of Kent), PGCE (Canterbury Christchurch University)

Previous teaching experience: Heather taught for 6 years at a school just outside of Canterbury, England. During this time, she taught Year 2 and Year 3. She led History and Reading across the school and has enjoyed developing the new curriculum in this school setting. She also enjoyed holding responsibility for creating and launching the school library and promoting reading for enjoyment. Heather has taught for 6 years in the UK and is now looking forward to gaining new experience in Vietnam.

Present Responsibilities: Heather is the Primary English Coordinator. She is also a member of the Vision and Ethos Aspects Group and runs the Creative Writing ECA.


Simon Robson : Year 3 Teacher

Simon Robson

Year 3 Teacher

Nationality: New Zealander 

Qualifications: Dip. Primary Teaching, Dunedin College of Education, New Zealand. BA in Geography, Otago University, New Zealand. PG.Dip in Geography, Otago University, New Zealand.

Previous Teaching Experience: Mr. Simon has 14 years teaching experience. He started his teaching in New Zealand and after 2 years decided to move overseas to further his teaching and love of travel. In London, he worked for almost 3 years teaching KS3/4 students and after that, he worked as Head of PE at GEMS Hampshire School for three and a half years.

Mr. Simon also taught in schools in Spain and Switzerland before moving to Vietnam 6 years ago. He is an active sportsman and keen traveller. Mr Simon is married, his wife Gillie is also a teacher in HCMC, they have a little boy named Brixton and a new baby due in November.

Present Responsibilities:  As well as being a Year 3 classroom teacher, Simon is also a member of the Services Aspects Group.


Daniel Richards : Year 4 Teacher/ Head of Year 4

Daniel Richards

Year 4 Teacher/ Head of Year 4

Nationality: British

Qualifications: B.A (Hons.) Primary Education with QTS, Glyndwr University, Wales, UK.

Previous Teaching Experience:   Daniel has 13 years teaching experience in the UK. Alongside his role as a Year 4 Class teacher, he also has additional responsibility as Head of Year 4. Additionally, Daniel has experience as a Science and P.E. Coordinator at his previous school.

Present Responsibilities: Daniel is a member of the Yearbook Aspects Group and will also be involved in running a Mini Movie Maker ECA.


Claire Webb : Year 4 Teacher/ Primary Maths Coordinator

Claire Webb

Year 4 Teacher/ Primary Maths Coordinator

Nationality: British

Qualifications: BSc. Econ European Union Studies with French and Spanish, Cardiff University, PGCE Primary Education, Cardiff Metropolitan University, UK.

Previous Teaching Experience: Claire has 12 years of teaching experience. She completed her PGCE in Cardiff before gaining NQT status in a school in London. Before moving to Vietnam, Claire spent 6 years working in a British School in Gran Canaria (Spain), teaching in both Year 2 and Year 6. During this time, she also had the additional responsibility of Head of Key Stage.

Present Responsibilities: Claire is currently a Year 6 class teacher and this is her fourth year as Mathematics Coordinator for the Primary Department. She is a member of the Vision and Ethos Aspects Group. In Term 1 and 2, she will be running a Maths Club for Years 5 and 6.


Lisa Warry : Year 4 Teacher

Lisa Warry

Year 4 Teacher

Nationality: : British

Qualification: BA (Hons) Primary Education Canterbury Christ Church University, UK. MA in Education, University of Nottingham, UK (Malaysia Campus). QTS

Previous teaching Experience: Lisa has 4 years’ experience teaching in UK schools and 3 years working in an international setting. Upon completing her degree in Primary Education, Lisa began her teaching career in Key Stage 1 at a large school in Kent. It was during her time here that she decided to venture further away to pursue an international career in Malaysia. Lisa enjoyed three years working in Year 2 at Kolej Tuanku Ja’afar school where she also had the role of Head of Key Stage 1 and Early Years. Whilst in Malaysia she completed an MA in Education. She loves teaching and sharing in the learning every day, a journey that she believes continues throughout life. Lisa is a member of the Green Team Aspect group at ABC and she is running the ‘Puzzle Trouble’ extracurricular activity.


Anthony Latham : Year 5 Teacher/ Head of Year 5

Anthony Latham

Year 5 Teacher/ Head of Year 5

Nationality:  British

Qualifications: BA Hons History, University of Leicester, UK. PGCE Primary Teaching, University of Leicester, UK.

Previous Teaching Experience: Anthony has 7 years teaching experience and is currently the Head of Year 5. Before taking this post, he was Assistant Headteacher at Heronsgate Primary School in central London and then Head of Key Stage 2 at The British College of Brazill. He has also had experience leading Primary Maths. He is an extremely keen sportsman, representing a number of sports teams in football, rugby and cricket, as well as being passionate about following a healthy and active lifestyle.

Present Responsibilities: Anthony is a Year 5 class teacher and Head of Year. He is also a member of the Sharing Good Practice Aspects group and runs the Monopoly Deal ECA club.


Rachel Keatley : Year 5 Teacher

Rachel Keatley

Year 5 Teacher

Nationality: British

Qualifications:  BA (Hons.) History, University of Sheffield. PGCE Primary, Forest Independent Primary Collegiate, London, UK.

Previous Teaching Experience:  Rachel has been teaching for 7 years and began her career as a primary teacher in London. She has taught Years 3 and 5 and has experience of coordinating a range of subjects including Literacy, History and Geography.

Present Responsibilities:  Rachel currently teaches Year 5. Rachel is a member of the Service & Charity Aspects Group during this academic year and will also be involved in running an Art ECA.


Iwan Davies : Year 5 Teacher

Iwan Davies

Year 5 Teacher

Nationality:  British

Qualifications: B. A. (Hons) Liverpool John Moore's University, UK. PGCE Primary Teaching (ages 5-11), Institute of Education, University of London, UK.

Previous Teaching Experience: Iwan has 11 years teaching experience; he started his teaching career in the UK before taking up a post at the ABCIS, where he taught for 5 years. He left Vietnam to work in the Sultan’s School, Oman and then at Dulwich College, Seoul. A keen participant of many sports he also has experience in coaching football, rugby, athletics and tennis.

Present Responsibilities:  Iwan is a Year 5 class teacher and Chairman of the ‘Service and Charities’ Aspects Group and during this academic year he will be involved in running a Chess and Backgammon, as well as a Tennis ECA’s.


Susan Frolish : Year 6 Teacher/ Head of Year 6

Susan Frolish

Year 6 Teacher/ Head of Year 6

Nationality: British 

Qualifications: Certificate of Education, Stockwell College of Education. Diploma in Multicultural Education, Goldsmith’s College, London University.

Previous Teaching Experience:   Sue has more than 30 years teaching experience in Primary in both Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2. She worked in schools in London for most of her career before coming to Vietnam 12 years ago. In her previous schools, she held a variety of Coordinator positions across the curriculum.

Present Responsibilities: Sue is the Head of Year 6, teaching alongside two other teachers. She currently runs a Sewing ECA which is popular across the year groups. She is a member of the Charities and Services Aspect Group.


April Warren : Year 6 Class Teacher

April Warren

Year 6 Class Teacher

Nationality: : British

Qualification: Bachelor of Music, Bangor University, Wales, UK. GTP Primary, Reading University,

Previous teaching Experience: After completing her GTP through Reading University, April taught Year 6 in a school in Oxford, UK. She then decided to move to an international setting and accepted a position at Regents International School, Pattaya (Thailand). She taught there for 2 years as a Year 5 teacher and also took on the role of Curriculum Events Coordinator. This year at ABCIS, April is a member of the Sharing Good Practice Aspects Group. April is very passionate about Music and will be offering a Musical Theatre ECA this year.


Steve Cooney : Year 6 Teacher

Steve Cooney

Year 6 Teacher

Nationality: British

Qualifications: B.Ed. Lancaster University, UK. M.A. Oxford Brookes University, UK.

Previous Teaching Experience: Steve has over 20 years teaching experience. He began his career in London and then Bolton in the U.K. teaching across Key Stages 1 and 2. In the last ten years he has taught in Egypt, The Netherlands and The United Arab Emirates. A keen runner, particularly over 10K and half marathons, he has experience in coaching athletics, football, touch rugby, badminton, cricket and table tennis. He has held the positions of Literacy, Science and P.E. Coordinator.

Present Responsibilities: Steve currently teaches Year 6 and is a member of the House Aspects group. He runs a football club for Years 5/6 as an extracurricular activity.


Ronald Saw : Music Teacher

Ronald Saw

Music Teacher

Nationality:  New Zealander

Qualifications: Bachelor of Education (Primary Education), University of Auckland, New Zealand.

Previous Teaching Experience: Ronald is a qualified teacher with 11 years’ experience teaching Music in New Zealand, Bahrain and The United Kingdom. He has a passion for music and has had experience teaching successful rock bands, Jazz/Funk bands, choirs, and percussion groups as well as putting together musical productions. His interest in music extends well beyond his professional life as he has been part of rock bands and covers groups performing the local circuit.

Present Responsibility: Ronald is part of the ‘House’ Aspects Group.


Robert West : PE Teacher / Tutor of 7R/  Primary House Coordinator

Robert West

PE Teacher / Tutor of 7R/ Primary House Coordinator

Nationality: British

Qualifications:  B.A. (Hons) Sports Development and Coaching, Northumbria University, UK. PGCE Primary Teaching, Institute of Education, London, UK.

Previous Teaching Experience: Robert has several years of teaching experience. He was the Head of PE at Livingston American School, Shanghai. He developed the whole school PE curriculum and was responsible for all Primary and Middle School Athletics, as well as creating and implementing the House System. Robert has coached a number of different sports including football, volleyball, basketball and athletics, and has previously worked as Aquatic Director at Shanghai Rego International School. He is a keen triathlete and football player, and is passionate about promoting sports and healthy lifestyles

Present Responsibilities: This year Robert will be teaching PE and Swimming from Reception class up to Year 7. He is responsible for the Reception and Key Stage 1 PE curriculum as well as developing the whole school swimming scheme. He is the coach of the U11's Boys Basketball team as well as coaching both the Primary and Secondary School Swimming Teams. Robert is also the Primary House Coordinator and chair of the House Aspects Group.


Narsisa Chamelo : P.E. Teacher

Narsisa Chamelo

P.E. Teacher

Nationality: : Greek

Qualification: MSc Health Promotion, King's College London, UK BA (Hons) Physical Education QTS, De Montfort University, UK

Previous teaching Experience: Narsisa taught for 5 years at Queen's Gate School, an independent all-girls school in South Kensington, London. She then moved to Qatar and taught at Sherborne Qatar School for 2 years. Narsisa is an enthusiastic teacher who is keen to develop a positive attitude towards Physical Education. Her aim is to promote healthy and active lifestyles and to allow all children to shine in activities in and outside of the classroom.

Present responsibilities: Narsisa is a member of the House Aspects Group and is running Football, Basketball and Fitness Extra-Curricular activities.

Email: narsisachamelo

Warren Haines : French Teacher/ Tutor of 8W

Warren Haines

French Teacher/ Tutor of 8W

Nationality: British

Qualifications: M.A. (Hons) French, University of St. Andrews, Scotland. PGCE (Middle Years), De Montfort University Bedford. QTS UK..

Previous Teaching Experience:  Warren has over a dozen years teaching experience across a range of age groups in both Primary and Secondary. He worked at schools in London and Dorchester (England) and in Athens (Greece), teaching Years 5 and 6 as well as Secondary French and P.E. While working in London Warren held the post of P.E. Coordinator. Warren lived and worked in France before moving to Vietnam 8 years ago.

Present Responsibilities:  Warren is in his sixth year at the ABCIS. He has previously taught Year 5 and Year 6 and this year will again be teaching French to KS2, KS3 and KS4 pupils. Warren is a Year 8 form tutor. He runs a tennis club for Key Stage 3 and 4 students and is a member of the House Aspects group.


Stacey Liu : Mandarin Teacher

Stacey Liu

Mandarin Teacher

Nationality: Taiwanese

Qualifications: M.A. in English Literature, National Chung-Hsin University, Taiwan. PGCE, Keele University, UK.

Previous Teaching Experience:Stacey has more than twelve years’ experience teaching both English and Mandarin Chinese in Taiwan, Vietnam and New Zealand. She has previously taught Key Stages 1 and 2 as well as Secondary Mandarin Chinese.

Present Responsibilities: Stacey is teaching Mandarin Chinese to KS3 and KS4 pupils and is a Year 7 form tutor. She runs a Chinese painting club for KS3 students and is a member of the Green Team Aspects Group.


Hong Gao : EYEP/ Primary Mandarin

Hong Gao

EYEP/ Primary Mandarin

Nationality: Chinese

Qualification: Master Degree of Education (The College of New Jersey, USA). Montessori Teaching Certificate. Teacher Qualification Certification (China) .

Previous Teaching Experience:  Hong has 6 years of teaching experience in international schools. This is her fourth year in ABC international school, and she is running a drawing club.

Present Responsibilities:  She is a member of the Green Team Aspects Group and is also running a drawing club in KS1.


Jim Botto : Head of EIP and EAL

Jim Botto

Head of EIP and EAL

Nationality: British

Qualifications: Bsc in Social Science, Bradford University [1989], PGCE Primary Education, Bradford University [1994]

Previous Teaching Experience: Jim has 21 years of teaching experience in both Primary and Middle Schools. Before joining the school in 2001, Jim worked in London and New Zealand. In his time at the school Jim has been a class teacher for Years 4- 6 and previously was Head of Upper Primary.

Present Responsibilities: Jim is presently Head of EAL throughout all areas of the school as well as coordinating the English Immersion Program in Upper Primary. Jim does some teaching with both EIP classes and also Year 4. He is the Senior Management member on the ‘Service and Charity ‘Aspects group. Jim helps coach the Boys Primary Football team as part of our ECA programme.


Melanie McLardie : EAL and EIP Teacher

Melanie McLardie

EAL and EIP Teacher

Nationality: British

Qualifications: B.Ed (Hons) Liverpool University (1998)

Previous Teaching Experience: Melanie joined The ABCIS in 2008 after working in North-Western England and Moscow, Russia. Her 18 years teaching experience have seen her work throughout the Early Years and Primary, both as a teacher and leader. These roles have included leading the teaching of English across the Primary School and the role of Special Educational Needs leader. This year Mel will be running Cross Stitch Club for Years 4 and 5. She is also a member of the House Aspects Group.

Present Responsibilities:  Mel is the Primary Literacy Coordinator. This year she will be running a Water Confidence Club for Year 3 and 4. She is also a member of the Curriculum Development Aspects Group.


Alastair Fairman : EAL and EIP Teacher

Alastair Fairman

EAL and EIP Teacher

Nationality: British 

Qualifications: CELTA, BA (Hons) English with Creative studies, PGCE (Secondary English), Bath Spa University, QTS, HND Business and Finance, Greenwich University (UK)

Previous Teaching Experience: Alastair has been teaching for 9 years. After careers in bookselling, finance and corporate training Mr. Alastair began his teaching career by working in an EFL school in Hangzhou, China. After a year he realised that he loved teaching and intended to dedicate the rest of his working life to it; so he returned to the UK and studied for his PGCE and gained QTS teaching English at a Secondary School in Swindon. He then returned to China and taught EAL in a school in Rui'an where he became Senior Teacher and Assistant Director of Studies. This led him to a position teaching for the British Council in Bangkok where he specialised in young learner and teen classes. Mr. Alastair then moved from the British Council to an International School in Bangkok where he spent two years teaching Secondary English before moving to Vietnam and the ABCIS.

Present Responsibilities:  Alastair is responsible for teaching the English Immersion Programme for Years 5 and 6 and is also providing EAL support to Years 4, 5 and 6. He is a member of the Vision and Ethos Aspects Group and is running a Dungeons and Dragons ECA.


Tracey Garbarino : School Librarian

Tracey Garbarino

School Librarian

Nationality: British

Qualifications: BA (Hons) English and European Studies, Edge Hill University, Lancashire, UK.

Previous Experience:  Tracey has 13 years experience as a Secondary School Librarian in the North of England. She is also the school’s Literacy Coordinator which includes activities like; organising reading promotional days, teaching students who require literacy intervention, running a journalists club, a book club and a comic creator’s club as extra-curricular activities. She has also been involved with residential trips run by the History Department.

Present Responsibilities: Tracey currently runs a Fiction Addiction ECA for secondary students and provides support for EAL and EIP students.