Kevin Reay : Head of Early Primary

Kevin Reay

Head of Early Primary

Nationality: British

Qualifications: BA Hons PGCE, Early Years, Northumbria University, Newcastle, England (2005)

Previous Teaching Experience: Kevin began his career as a primary teacher in Gateshead (UK) where he taught Reception for two years and Year 1 for one year before teaching in Shanghai, China for two years. In Shanghai he worked as a Year 1 and Year 3 class teacher. He then moved back to the UK and taught Years 2 and 5. Kevin taught Year 2 at the ABC International School for two years before he joined the Senior Management Team. He has also coordinated a range of subjects including ICT, PE and Humanities.

Present Responsibilities: Apart from his role as Head of Early Primary, Kevin is also the Senior Management Team member of the House Aspects Group.


‘J’ Salcedo : Pre-Nursery Teacher

‘J’ Salcedo

Pre-Nursery Teacher

Nationality: Filipino

Qualifications: B.A. Major in Child Development and Education, Miriam College, Philippines. TEFL Certificate.

Previous Teaching Experience:  “J” has 27 years teaching experience across all age ranges within Primary School. She taught in the Philippines for 17 years before joining us in April 2005. “J” taught in Years 1 and 2 before joining our Early Years team.
Present responsibilities: ‘“J” runs Maths ICT in Key Stage 1 as her ECA and is a member of Charities and Service Aspects Group.


Agnes Ubaldo : Reception A Teacher

Agnes Ubaldo

Reception A Teacher

Nationality:  Filipino

Qualifications: BS Behavioral Science Major in Psychology with teaching units (Miriam College, Philippines)

Previous Teaching Experience:  Agnes has 22 years teaching experience in both Early Primary and the Early Years. She worked as an Early Years teacher in the Philippines for 6 years at St. Paul's College, Marist School and Crescent Woods Montessori School. Agnes joined the ABCIS in1997. She has had experience teaching in all subject areas across Key Stage 1 but most of her classroom experiences are with the Early Years.

Present Responsibilities:  Agnes is a member of Green Team Aspects Group and runs ‘Junior Scrabble’ as her ECA.


Ila Uhrig : Nursery Teacher

Ila Uhrig

Nursery Teacher

Nationality: : Canadian

Qualification: Combined BA (Hons) Global Studies and Sociology, Wilfrid Laurier University, Ontario, Canada. Bachelor of Education, Lakehead University, Ontario, Canada.

Previous teaching Experience: Ila has 4 years teaching experience. After completing her teaching degree, she moved to London for two years. During her time there she taught from Nursery to Year 6. Upon returning to Canada, Ila worked at Helping Hands Daycare Centre in Canada for two years with children aged from 2-12. She then moved to Seoul, South Korea and taught a Reception class for a year.

Present responsibilities: Ila is a member of the Sharing Good Practice Aspects group and is running an Arts and Crafts extracurricular activity.