We had a very successful charity campaign last year working hand in hand with the Saigon children’s hospital (BV Nhi Đồng). The Saigon children’s hospital presented us with a very unfortunate case of Sok Ly Hua who is a Cambodian boy in need of immediate surgical attention. When we first met with the boy he was suffering from a broken leg and severe liver failure which lead to blood poisoning. A few very generous third party donators has already contributed to Sok Ly Hua case however his family was still 55 million VND short. On 29/06/2017 we took the initiative to pay off the rest of Sok Ly Hua’s surgical fee of 55 million VND. The operation has been a success and now Sok Ly Hua is able to return to a healthy normal life.

Cambodian Boy's Surgery


The Saigon children’s hospital has a shortage of life support machines especially during peak dengue fever season. The hospitals suffered some fatalities during peak dengue season because not all children will have access to these life support equipment. We have donated over 103 million VND worth of life support equipment to the hospital, now having multiple brand new life support stations available the Saigon children’s hospital will now be able to accommodate more children.



The hospital was kind enough to provide us with a large list of patients who has very limited disposable income and are struggling to get by everyday therefore we visited each patients and handed each of them a gift bag. During our visit to the hospital we provided 32 million VND worth of Gifts for 300 child patients.