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Gary D. Benfield B.Ed. (Hons) M.I. Mgt.

Gary D. Benfield
B.Ed. (Hons) M.I. Mgt.

Please let me extend a warm welcome to you as you browse through the accompanying pages of our web-site. I know you will find much to interest you and hope that you will be able to glean some sense of the vibrant learning community which I am privileged to lead. The ABC International School of Ho Chi Minh City has much to be proud of, both in and out of the formal classroom. It is much more than a school and can better be described as a community of like-minded, highly motivated, life-long learners who are united by the common purpose of pursuing educational excellence.
Pupils from all parts of the world benefit from the programmes of study we offer. A part of the richness that pervades all of our student’s learning opportunities owes much to the fact that the school is proud to serve the needs of internationally minded families from Vietnam alongside the many and varied expatriate communities that live and work within this vibrant city. As a family founded school, we are proud of the homely atmosphere which has a tangible presence in all areas of school life and are pleased to uphold simple and traditional values in our daily practice and plans for the future.

Sound educational practice, as well as being based on solid methodology, also has much to do with expectations. Here at the ABC IS we all unashamedly strive to do our best in all things, to go the extra mile, to always extend ourselves beyond those boundaries which we perceive to be our limit. This fundamental aim is based on the belief that all human beings, and especially young people, are truly amazing in their potential.

For any proud headmaster, the temptation to wax lyrical about our outstanding exam results, the quality and extent of the extra-curricular activity programme and to blind you with sports statistics is very great. I must resist and do not intend to say more at this stage. The work of the pupils and my colleagues evidenced in the pages that follow does this more eloquently than I ever can. It is enough for me to close by letting you know that, above all else, the ABC International School is a happy place, that it is a joy and privilege for me to be part of such a positive, vibrant and successful organization, and that each and every one of us is proud to care for and serve each other in our daily lives.

Do come and see us in person. I can promise you that you will find the experience of meeting the pupils and my colleagues both uplifting and valuable. For further information or to make an appointment to visit, please contact us at the address below :

Telephone: (848) 54311833
Facsimile: (848) 54317214
E-mail: abcintschoolss@vnn.vn
Postal Address: 2-1E Street, Khu Dan Cu Trung Son, Binh Hung, Binh Chanh, HCMC